Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to fake activate, jailbreak, install apptapp installer and anySIM 1.1 for your brand spanking new iPhone version 1.1.1…without use of a PC or Mac!

This should also work for an updated and re-virginized 1.1.1 phone, although I’m only giving instructions for a store bought, shrink-wrapped iPhone version 1.1.1.

What you need:

1. An iPhone firmware version 1.1.1. (go to settings, general, about and check Version)
2. Wireless Internet access (make sure you don’t need a password to get on wifi)

We need 2 things…1. access to http://jailbreakme.com (on the iPhone’s safari web browser; accessing their site and downloading their software will get your iPhone fake activated, jailbroken and having the newest installer on your phone). 2. We also need to get anySIM 1.1 on the iPhone to fully unlock the phone for any GSM phone carrier.

Ok….let’s get started…the phone should be fully charged out of the box…we’re gonna make some emergency calls to get Safari on an unactivated phone (don’t worry…you won’t be talking to anyone)

1 dial *#307# and the call button (you’ll hear your phone ringing)

2 while it’s doing that…hit the backspace button on the top right of the screen to erase what you dialled

3 while it’s still ringing, make sure only 0 is pressed, then hit the call button

4 1 should be calling you now…press answer, then press the hold button in the middle of the screen, then press decline (this will take you to the contact list)

5 On the bottom middle of the screen you’ll see the contacts button with the profile of a man above it…hit that

6 Hit the + sign at the top right of your screen (to add a new contact)

7 Look for Add new URL…hit that then…

8 type in http://jailbreakme.com then hit save, then hit save again on the top right of the screen (this contact will eventually get you access to the web address on Safari)

9 now that you have this web contact saved…tap it…it’ll open up in safari but you won’t be on wifi just yet so you’ll see a message that it can’t access the website…it’ll also look like the website freezes (this is where it gets tricky as you’ll need very quick reflexes…but don’t worry…if you miss it you can try again)

10 hit the home button (the physical button on the bottom middle of your iPhone with the rounded square in it) ***make sure your finger is just over the middle of the phone’s touchscreen***

11 at this point…literally for a split second you’ll see an option for your open wifi location…with your finger already around the middle of the screen…you’ll have to tap your wifi selection as quick as you can (you’ll know you did it right if you see the selection highlight then look for the wavey wireless signal at the top left of the screen)…if you see the wifi signal you’re

12 next…slide on back to the emergency call screen…the phone will freeze up…shut off the phone by holding that very top button on your phone for a few seconds

13 turn the phone back on…still see the wifi signal at the top left of the screen? Great!

14 AppSnapp’s jailbreakme website said you can go back to the contact list by dialing 0, push call, then answer….that didn’t work for me…no worries…I got back to the contact list by repeating the beginning steps 1 through 4.

15 Once you get back to the contacts list…tap on that web address again…now that you are on wifi…the website will be displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the choice to install their software. (Once you do this…the page will close out automatically…this is good…leave your phone alone…it’s doing its work…after a minute or two…the phone should reset itself…bingo!...Your iPhone is now fake activated and jailbroken with the new version of installer on it!)

16 Now to get anySIM 1.1 on your iPhone…first you’ll need to set your phone so it doesn’t go to sleep (auto-lock). At your home screen…tap the Settings icon, scroll down and tap General, then tap Auto-Lock, then tap Never

17 (make sure you’re still connected to wifi) Press the Home button and tap on the Installer icon.

18 Once in installer…tap on Install near the bottom left of your screen. Now tap All Packages...look for a package called anySIM.

19 Tap on anySIM, then tap Install on the top right of your screen. Once it finishes installing, press your home button. (Your iPhone should reboot…and voila!...you now have the anySIM icon on your phone!)

Make sure you have your sim card inserted in your iPhone (if you don’t know how…take a push pin or paper clip, push it in that little hole next to the earphone jack at the top of your iPhone…the sim holder will pop out…insert your sim card with the circuits facing the back of the iPhone…you should see a message saying incorrect sim card)

21 You set your phone to Never Auto-Lock Right? Good…tap on the anySIM icon.

22 Follow the instructions and with only a few more simple taps (no more handholding you through these steps!) and around 5 or so minutes of work done by any SIM…you should be rewarded with a completely sim-unlocked iPhone!

I tried to be as descriptive as possible so I’m not adding any pictures