Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to fake activate, jailbreak, install apptapp installer and anySIM 1.1 for your brand spanking new iPhone version 1.1.1…without use of a PC or Mac!

This should also work for an updated and re-virginized 1.1.1 phone, although I’m only giving instructions for a store bought, shrink-wrapped iPhone version 1.1.1.

What you need:

1. An iPhone firmware version 1.1.1. (go to settings, general, about and check Version)
2. Wireless Internet access (make sure you don’t need a password to get on wifi)

We need 2 things…1. access to http://jailbreakme.com (on the iPhone’s safari web browser; accessing their site and downloading their software will get your iPhone fake activated, jailbroken and having the newest installer on your phone). 2. We also need to get anySIM 1.1 on the iPhone to fully unlock the phone for any GSM phone carrier.

Ok….let’s get started…the phone should be fully charged out of the box…we’re gonna make some emergency calls to get Safari on an unactivated phone (don’t worry…you won’t be talking to anyone)

1 dial *#307# and the call button (you’ll hear your phone ringing)

2 while it’s doing that…hit the backspace button on the top right of the screen to erase what you dialled

3 while it’s still ringing, make sure only 0 is pressed, then hit the call button

4 1 should be calling you now…press answer, then press the hold button in the middle of the screen, then press decline (this will take you to the contact list)

5 On the bottom middle of the screen you’ll see the contacts button with the profile of a man above it…hit that

6 Hit the + sign at the top right of your screen (to add a new contact)

7 Look for Add new URL…hit that then…

8 type in http://jailbreakme.com then hit save, then hit save again on the top right of the screen (this contact will eventually get you access to the web address on Safari)

9 now that you have this web contact saved…tap it…it’ll open up in safari but you won’t be on wifi just yet so you’ll see a message that it can’t access the website…it’ll also look like the website freezes (this is where it gets tricky as you’ll need very quick reflexes…but don’t worry…if you miss it you can try again)

10 hit the home button (the physical button on the bottom middle of your iPhone with the rounded square in it) ***make sure your finger is just over the middle of the phone’s touchscreen***

11 at this point…literally for a split second you’ll see an option for your open wifi location…with your finger already around the middle of the screen…you’ll have to tap your wifi selection as quick as you can (you’ll know you did it right if you see the selection highlight then look for the wavey wireless signal at the top left of the screen)…if you see the wifi signal you’re

12 next…slide on back to the emergency call screen…the phone will freeze up…shut off the phone by holding that very top button on your phone for a few seconds

13 turn the phone back on…still see the wifi signal at the top left of the screen? Great!

14 AppSnapp’s jailbreakme website said you can go back to the contact list by dialing 0, push call, then answer….that didn’t work for me…no worries…I got back to the contact list by repeating the beginning steps 1 through 4.

15 Once you get back to the contacts list…tap on that web address again…now that you are on wifi…the website will be displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on the choice to install their software. (Once you do this…the page will close out automatically…this is good…leave your phone alone…it’s doing its work…after a minute or two…the phone should reset itself…bingo!...Your iPhone is now fake activated and jailbroken with the new version of installer on it!)

16 Now to get anySIM 1.1 on your iPhone…first you’ll need to set your phone so it doesn’t go to sleep (auto-lock). At your home screen…tap the Settings icon, scroll down and tap General, then tap Auto-Lock, then tap Never

17 (make sure you’re still connected to wifi) Press the Home button and tap on the Installer icon.

18 Once in installer…tap on Install near the bottom left of your screen. Now tap All Packages...look for a package called anySIM.

19 Tap on anySIM, then tap Install on the top right of your screen. Once it finishes installing, press your home button. (Your iPhone should reboot…and voila!...you now have the anySIM icon on your phone!)

Make sure you have your sim card inserted in your iPhone (if you don’t know how…take a push pin or paper clip, push it in that little hole next to the earphone jack at the top of your iPhone…the sim holder will pop out…insert your sim card with the circuits facing the back of the iPhone…you should see a message saying incorrect sim card)

21 You set your phone to Never Auto-Lock Right? Good…tap on the anySIM icon.

22 Follow the instructions and with only a few more simple taps (no more handholding you through these steps!) and around 5 or so minutes of work done by any SIM…you should be rewarded with a completely sim-unlocked iPhone!

I tried to be as descriptive as possible so I’m not adding any pictures

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Gizmodo confirmed that the 3G iPhone will be announced by Steve Jobs.

According to there sources the 3G iPhone will be available for sale immediatly after the launch and not at year’s end as we had thought and it's going to be worldwide !

If you live in0 Spain the 3G iPhone will be launched at june 18 with a grand opening of Telefonica’s megastore.

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The most complete list of FREE SMS Sites on the web

Thursday, May 15, 2008



Digital Television Converter Box Information

A DTV converter box is an easy-to-install electronic device that hooks up to your analog television set and over-the-air antenna and converts the digital television signal into analog, making it viewable on your analog TV. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will issue up to two converter box coupons valued at $40 each to households to help defray the cost of the converter box.

When can I get a DTV converter box?

DTV converter boxes that transform digital television signals to analog will be available for purchase at electronics retailers in early 2008. These converter boxes will allow consumers to maintain their free, over-the-air television service even on older analog TVs. Beginning early next year, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will issue up to two converter box coupons valued at $40 each to households to help defray the cost of the converter box.

Where can I purchase a DTV converter box?
DTV converter boxes that make digital broadcast signals viewable on analog television sets will be available for purchase at electronics retailers in early 2008. Each box is expected to cost between $50 and $70. Households will also be able to request up to two $40 coupons from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) that can be used toward the purchase of converter boxes.

When can I get a coupon for a DTV converter box?
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will issue coupons for DTV converter boxes in early 2008. Households will be able to apply for up to two coupons, which must be redeemed within three months of receipt. The coupons cannot be combined to purchase a single converter box, nor can they be used toward the purchase of other products.

How do I sign up for the DTV converter box coupon program?
Between Jan. 1, 2008, and March 31, 2009, all U.S. households will be eligible to request up to two coupons, worth $40 each, to be used toward the purchase of up to two, digital-to-analog converter boxes. For more information about the converter box coupon program, call 1-888-DTV-2009 or visit http://www.ntia.doc.gov/dtvcoupon/.

How do I know if I have an analog or digital television set?

To check whether your TV set can receive over-the-air digital broadcast signals, take a look at your owner's manual or look on the set for an indication that it has a built-in Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) tuner. You can also go to the manufacturer's Web site and check the capabilities of the set by manufacturer model number.

Will I be able to continue to use my existing VCR with a DTV converter box for timed recordings?

Yes, but after the digital transition, you won't be be able to pick up over-the-air programs for recording from the tuner in the VCR, so the input to the VCR must be connected to the output of the DTV converter box. The tuner in the DTV converter box will need to be set to the desired channel to be recorded prior to the start of each recording period programmed into the VCR.

Monday, May 12, 2008


To download this software directly to your mobile phone from WAP:
Please enter Wapid: S655 at http://wap.mpbus.net/

Wisepilot is a personal mobile GPS navigation solution. With Wisepilot and a GPS receiver you turn your mobile phone (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola), Blackberry?, PDA (HTC, Qtek, HP) into an all-inclusive navigation system with full-colour 3D maps and clear voice instructions while driving or walking. Use Wisepilot to find convenient parking, hotels, or the nearest restaurant. All maps, points of interests and other information, such as pan-European speed camera locations, are automatically kept up to date in Wisepilot...

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How to use the iPhone without a contract

How to unlock an iPhone for use as a Widescreen iPod + Wifi -- without a contract, and a $49.98 one time fee.

The first step involves faking bad credit by typing in "999-99-9999" as your Social Security number during activation to trigger the GoPhone/"Pick Your Plan" option which allows for contractless pre-pay plans. The cheapest version of "Pick Your Plan" is $49.98 (rate plans).

Then, according to TUAW simply taking out your SIM card allows you iPhone to continue to function as an iPod + Wifi device without any further hassle.

Removed SIM entirely. It complains but works at 6G WiFi iPod. Tried placing call. "No SIM card installed". Failed. Connected to iTunes. Synced without any problems I could detect. WiFi fine.

Presumably, you could then cancel your $49.98 month-to-month and use the iPhone as a Widescreen iPod + Wifi device

How to add custom ringtones / system sounds to the iPhone


- ziel's iPhoneInterface & jailbreak apps for Windows
- The iPhone software update package
- iTunesMobileDevice.dll
- A custom ringer that you would like to install

Now the package location varies so there's really only one reliable way to get it. Plug in your iPhone, and head into iTunes. Click the "Sync" button first (to be safe) and wait for the sync to finish. Then hit the Restore button. Confirm that you do want to restore (even though you don't) by hitting Restore.

Click through the dialogs but when the update starts downloading, unplug your iPhone. This will make sure your iPhone won't get overwritten.

Wait for the package to finish downloading (you can track it in the Downloads area of iTunes).
Now go to your Start Menu, click Run, and copy this into the Run box:

%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

And hit OK. A file window should pop up containing one file that starts with iPhone. Check whether it ends with ".ipsw" - if it doesn't, you'll have to turn on file extension display by going to the Tools menu -> Folder Options -> View tab -> Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types". Right-click the iPhone update file and choose "Rename". Give it the name "iPhone.zip" and press Enter, and confirm that you want to change the extension.
Now double-click the file to open its contents. Extract them all to some folder, say "c:\phonedmg". The rest of this article assumes you extracted the files there.


This one's easy. Start, run:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin

Copy iTunesMobileDevice.dll into c:\phonedmg .

ziel's Jailbreak and iPhoneInterface software

Download the software from directly from ziel's website. Extract the files to c:\phonedmg as well. Move the files from the "win" directory into c:\phonedmg - the "osx" files won't be used here.

A custom ringer
You can use .m4a or .mp3 as your ringtones, but for some reason they must be made through Quicktime. Fortunately iTunes lets you convert any file to .m4a by selecting "Convert to AAC" from its entry in your music library. Then choose "Show in Windows Explorer" once it's been converted. Put these files in c:\phonedmg as well.

Running Jailbreak
Now that you've got everything you need, it's time to get started!

Make sure to close iTunes now. You don't want iTunes' helpful interface interfering with this delicate operation.

Hit your Start menu, choose Run, and type cmd .
Hit OK and a command prompt should show up. Type these commands:
cd \phonedmg

Now Jailbreak should be running. Plug in your iPhone if it wasn't plugged in already.

Jailbreak should tell you that it's sending files to the iPhone, then ask you to hold the POWER and HOME buttons. Do that, but do it in this fashion:

- Press and hold the Power button until your iPhone says "Slide to power off".
- Slide the red slider and let the phone shut down.
- Plug the dock cable back in.
- If the iPhone doesn't turn on by itself, press and release the power button.
- When the Apple logo appears, press and hold both the Power and Home buttons.
- The phone will power off (keep holding the buttons!) and restart.
- Soon it will display a yellow triangle and the message "Connect to iTunes".

At this point Jailbreak will begin performing mysterious operations on your phone. Wait for it to complete and don't touch anything.

You should receive this message at the end:
Enjoy your newfound freedom. Thank the devs at #iphone next time you see them for making this all possible.
p.s. Like most other useful tools, this one may be dangerous if used carelessly

How to put NES and GBA Games on to iPhone

NES Emulator

1. Dowload NES Emulator Via Installer App
2. Download a NES Rom (Game File) File format is .NES
3. Open iPhoneBrowser
4. Goto: /Var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES/
5. Copy the.nes files in there

For GBA Emulator:

1. Download gpSPhone using the installer App
2. Download Roms (Please do NOT ask for roms here)
3. Downoad GBA BIOS (Im not sure if this is allowed to be posted)
4. Open iPhoneBrowser and conenct your iphone
5. Place the GBA BIOS in the gpSPhone Directory
6. Place Roms /Var/Root/Media/GBA

Restart Iphone
Roms should be there

Tricking iTunes for free ringtones (Windows)

First off, you need to go into your iTunes preferences and make sure that you have the AAC converter turned on. To check, go into the iTunes preferences and click on the 'Advanced' tab. Click the 'Importing' tab and under 'Import Using' should say 'AAC Encoder'.

It's all set right? Sweet! Now pick a song that you want to get a 30 second clip from. Right click on the song and select 'Get Info' from the menu.

Just for simplicity sake, lets just say that you want the first 30 seconds of the song. You will click on the 'Options' tab and change the Start and Stop time. Click the checkboxes and change the Stop time to 0:30. Feel free to use any 30 second segment that you wish. Just note the start time and add 30 seconds to it for the stop time.

The hard part is done! Now just exit out of the 'Get Info' screen and right click on the song that you just modified and select 'Convert Selection to AAC' from the menu. Let iTunes work it's magic.

You will get a second song in your iTunes library ... but it will only be 30 seconds long! You can right click and select 'Get Info' and change some tags to make it easier to find in your iTunes library. I like to change the artist and genre to 'Ringtones' so that I know right where to find it.

Exit iTunes. Locate the file in your iTunes music directory and rename the .m4a extension to .m4r.

Once you have renamed the file, just double click on it so that it adds itself to your iTunes library again ... but this time as a ringtone!! iTunes will launch, and the ringtone you just created will appear in the Ringtones list. If for some reason you are having an issue with this the first time, you might want to check in your iTunes preferences and see if you have the “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” option checked. Having that checked will automatically create a ringtone folder for you.

An alternative to the double click method is to simply open iTunes, open your ringtones library and then drag the .m4r file from windows explorer or finder (on mac) into the ringtone library. Either method should work.

Make sure "Manually manage music and video" is unchecked if you are in the new itunes.
Works in my jailbroken 1.1.3.


I just bought an iphone unlocked off the classified ads, and I want to jailbreak it so I can run cool applications like the nes roms and the video wallpaper. I was under the impression that if the phone is jailbreaked you can see it in my computer, however I cannot so I assume its not already jailbreaked? The guy I bought it from said never update or it wont work anymore, is this true? My version is 1.1.3 and its unlocked for rogers in canada. Is it safe to jailbreak it and if I do will I have to unlock it again or something? And if I screw it all up can I go back to my old settings where the phone actually still worked?

If its unlocked its already jailbroken...most likely...use the new winpwn http://www.winpwn.com/index.php/Main_Page if your on windows or the new pwnage http://wikee.iphwn.org/news:pwnage1dot1_announcement if your on apple and you will b okay


Learn how to restore (re-virginize) your iPhone's default factory state. Use this guide if you utilized a free software unlocking solution; i.e. anySIM or iUnlock.



steve-jobs.com's PDF guide to unlocking your iPhone for use with any carrier's SIM card. This is based on GeoHot's hardware unlock.



This guide assumes you're running iPhone system software 1.1.1. It details the necessary steps to bypass activation, jailbreak, and install NullRiver's Installer.app. iTunes is not necessary.

At the activation screen, slide to make an emergency call;
Dial *#301# — the phone will call itself;

Answer and immediately tap "Hold";

The phone will call itself again, hit "Decline";

At the keypad, go to Contacts, add a new contact;

Hit "Add new URL" and enter "prefs:" (without the quotes);

Add another new URL, enter "jailbreakme.com";

Save the contact and go to the first URL by tapping it;

This opens the iPhone Settings, add an accessible Wi-Fi network;

Also recommended: set General -> Auto-Lock -> Never;

Press the Home button and slide for emergency call;

Dial 0, answer, do steps 3 and 4 (Hold, then Decline);

Browse to that contact you created and select the second URL, jailbreakme.com;

Read, then install AppSnapp Installer;

Wait... The phone should restart within 2 minutes.
Site Search


MythTV for iPhone allows you to watch your TV shows on your MythTV DVR on your iPhone.

The software combines the work of many great programmers into one application. It allows you to browse your recorded shows, and look at show details. You can stream any recorded show to the iPhone wirelessly. It allows you to control your other (PC based) MythFrontend with a web-based remote control.

The technology behind it is MythTV (The Open-Source DVR), PHP for the backend, Smarty and iUI for the frontend.

Filename: mythtv-for-iphone-0.01.zip
Size: 56KB
Downloads: 161

Chris Carey's MythTV for the iPhone. Stream MythTV recorded shows directly to your iPhone via Mobile Safari. Installation guide.




1. On the Activation Screen of the iPhone, slide to open the Emergency Screen keypad.

2. Type *#307# and hit Call, the phone will start ringing and display 1 Calling.

3. Delete all the numbers from the top right of the screen and Call the number 0.

4. Press Answer, Hold and then Decline.

5. Go to Contacts and create a contact. In the Url field type prefs://1f and save it. Then add another URL and type jailbreakme.com and save it.

6. Click on the prefs://1f and you can select your WiFi network. Then click on Settings on the top left corner to go back to the main settings screen and in General - AutoLock, select Never. Exit by pressing home and then Dial and Call the number 0 from the emergency screen.

7. Select the second URL called jailbreakme.com of the contact you created and follow the Install AppSnapp. You will be brought back to the phone’s activation screen within a few seconds or minutes. Please DO NOT press anything as AppSnapp is still running. Wait for it to finish. The phone should reboot automatically when its done and you will be back to the main screen with the slider. Now you can slide to access the phone.


8. Now Installer is on your Home Screen so you can install SimFree v1.8 directly on the phone as described in the following steps.

9. In Sources press Edit, Add, and type in http://tinyurl.com/2qxpe6 . Accept the AppTapp installer message and it will show iPhoneSimFree on your Install list.

10. After that you must install from the System tab the BSD Subsystem (if not already done automatically by AppSnapp) and then SimFree v1.8 from the iPhoneSimFree tab.

11. You should now make sure that under Settings - General, AutoLock is set to Never. You can now run SimFree v1.8. and make sure you read and follow the SimFree on screen instructions.

12. Once SimFree is done running it will ask you it you want it to be removed. Please choose OK to get the application removed from your iPhone as you will no longer need it.

Now insert your SIM card and enjoy!


the Jailbreak Dev Team has released a one-click solution that you simply install through Installer.app. To use it, you need to have a jailbroken 1.1.2 iPhone , then it's simply a matter of tapping the install package and waiting about 20 minutes for the entire process to complete. Before installing, make sure you've set your Auto-Lock feature to Never, are connected to a Wi-Fi network (it downloads a 200MB image), and you've got at least 300MB of free space on your iPhone. Finally, check to make sure you've got the latest version of Installer.app before proceeding.

I haven't tried this method yet, but it should be scads easier than the previously posted method. As always, remember that things can go wrong, so proceed with caution.