Tuesday, January 15, 2008

iGoogle For iPhone Launched, More Customized For iPhone Users

iGoogle turns search, Gmail,and so much more into a user friendly interface. The newer version is supposed to increase speeds and improve usability.

The New iGoogle Features entail:

An Improved UI: The applications have gotten a face-lift and now look and feel more chic, in addition to their being easier to activate, navigate and be used via a touch-screen.

Customization of default tabs: There's now easier access to your favorite applications as you can customize the applications that show up on the Google.com menu bar. All you have to do is choose your favorite Google applications to bring them to the front menu, so they'll be just a click away whenever they're needed. Further you can even switch between applications with ease, as you only need to sign in once to access either of Gmail, Calendar, Reader, Docs or your Picasa account.

Faster Gmail: Two enhancements which ensure this are: First, the new emails will automatically appear so there's no need to manually refresh your inbox. Secondly, there's an auto-complete feature for contacts which would make composing emails a lot quicker.

Speedier Calendar: There's a new month view, which allows you to glance at an entire month of appointments.

iGoogle: You can now access your iGoogle gadgets on the iPhone. This includes each and everything you've customized on your iGoogle homepage including weather, stocks, and news feeds too would appear on your iPhones. You can customize your iGoogle page on your computer at www.igoogle.com.

Google even plans to expand these features to international versions of the iPhone and even to other platforms that offer similar usability and browser capabilities.

Friday, January 11, 2008


1. Sony Ericsson K790This feature-rich camera phone has a lot to offer: 3.2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, HSCSD high speed data and an above average battery life. Add to this enthusiastic user reviews and you are in for a phone you will love.

2. Samsung m610
The Samsung m610 has it right on most things: 2-megapixel camera, full-duplex speakerphone, speaker-independent voice recognition and a nice form factor. Downsides are: only average battery life and some complain about the output volume's weakness -- a common problem in today's tiny cell phones.

3. LG enV
One of the best Best cell Phones In All Categories On The Market Now for signal reception, according to users. Other features are also good, however, some reviewers mention a lower than average earset volume. In other words, you won't hear it very loud, but at least you will hear it where other phones would have let you down.

4. Sanyo M1
Good sound quality, powerful volume, great display meant for streaming TV and a flawless 2-megapixel camera make the Sanyo M1 one of the year 2007's best Best cell Phones In All Categories On The Market Now phones.

5. Sanyo Katana
Trumpeted as a good signal strength phone with a great display and fair features all around, the Sanyo Katana is one of our users' favorites. With a weakness, maybe, on the ringtone volume side, so you might want to use the vibration feature if you work in noisy environments.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Download Free Satellite TV on your PC 4.5 Free - SATELLITE TV for ...Download Free Satellite TV on your PC

Download Free Satellite TV on your PC 4.5 Free - SATELLITE TV for ...Download Free Satellite TV on your PC 4.5 Free - SATELLITE TV for PC Instant Software. DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


WinPatrol 2007 Kill off unwanted background programs like worms, adware, and spyware.

Process Explorer Find out what those mysterious processes listed in Task Manager are really up to.

Edit and convert graphics files with this first-rate image viewer.

The 15 Best Downloads of the Year
Our downloads gurus have selected the 15 best utilities, productivity tools, and other apps of 2007 from PC World's vast Downloads Library.

How To Reboot Your i Phone Latest News Hacks And Tricks

Pretend for a moment that your iPhone suddenly stops responding. Pushing the Home button does nothing. Pressing the sleep/wake button is equally ineffective. What do you do? Apple's first reset tip is to press and hold the Home button for about six seconds to quit any application that might have locked up your iPhone. But if that doesn't work, try pressing and holding both the Home and sleep/wake buttons; after about ten seconds the Apple logo will appear. (This reboot trick takes a little bit longer than the iPod equivalent -- holding down the Select and Menu buttons usually restarts your music player after just four seconds.)

Get Driving Directions Fast GPS For The i Phone Tips and Tricks

One of the primary uses for the iPhone's Maps application is to get driving directions. Both the starting and destination fields offer a Bookmarks icon, so you can quickly use a bookmark, a recent location, or a contact when searching for directions. The first thing you should do in Maps is find your own address and bookmark it -- this will make finding directions to and from locations much easier.

How To Delete Already-Viewed Videos from Your Apple I Phone

Even 8GB can feel confining when it comes to storing videos; a single full-length movie can take up 1GB of storage. To ease the storage crunch, the iPhone offers to delete videos after you've finished watching them. Just tap on the Delete button, and Pirates of the Caribbean will disappear from your iPhone, freeing up more space.

How To Change iPod Icons

By default, the buttons at the bottom of the iPod screen are Playlists, Artists, Songs, Videos, and More. You can change those first four in the same way as you would the commands that appear on an iPod's main screen. Simply tap on the More icon, and then tap on the Edit button in the upper left corner of the resulting screen. A Configure screen will appear with icons for Albums, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Genres, Composers, Compilations, Playlists, Artists, Songs, and Videos. To substitute one of these icons for one that appears at the bottom of the iPod screen, just tap and hold on the icon you prefer and drag it over the icon you want to replace. Tap on Done when you're finished.

How To Recover "Lost" E-Mails On Your Apple i Phone

If you try to send an e-mail but the iPhone can't get network access, you might think your message has disappeared completely. But don't worry: a temporary Outgoing folder is created to hold the message. You can access this folder from the main screen of the sending account; the folder will disappear once network access is available and the message is sent.

How To Investigate Links In Safari On Your i Phone

If you hold your fingertip down on a link instead of tapping, you'll summon an information balloon that displays the underlying URL. The same thing happens in Mail when you hold on a link. Now when those "account update" e-mails arrive, you can press and hold on the link to find out if you're really going to be taken to the site the e-mail indicates it'll take you to.

How To Make a Call from Safari On Your Apple i Phone

If you find a phone number in Safari that you'd like to call -- perhaps the phone number of a restaurant where you'd like to make reservations -- you needn't jump to the phone component. Just tap on the number, and the iPhone will dial it for you. (This also works with phone numbers and URLs embedded in e-mails and SMS chats; tapping on either one will place a call or open a Web page, respectively

How To Share URLs In our Apple i Phone Tips And Tricks

If you want to send a friend the URL of a Web page you're viewing, tap on the address bar, and then tap on Share. A new e-mail message, containing the URL, will open in Mail; just choose one or more recipients, add your comments, and tap on Send.

Create a Home Page For Apple i Phone Latest Tricks And Tips

When you're using the regular version of Safari that runs on your Mac (or Windows-based PC), setting a particular site as your home page is as simple as going to the General tab in System Preferences and typing in a URL. You can't do that on the iPhone, but you can use this workaround: Add your would-be home page to your bookmarks list, and then move it to the top of the list. Yes, it requires an extra tap -- first on the bookmarks icon and then on the bookmark itself -- but it will get you to your favorite Web page with a minimum of fuss


As with any other iPhone function requiring data entry, tapping on Safari's address bar summons an on-screen keyboard. If you rotate the iPhone horizontally before tapping on the address bar, the Safari window will switch to horizontal mode; then, when you tap on the address bar, the on-screen keyboard will also appear horizontally. More important, it will also be much larger than the standard, vertical keyboard, making data entry a little easier. Unfortunately, Safari is currently the only iPhone application in which this horizontal keyboard appears. (If you want to use the keyboard in its standard vertical orientation, summon it before rotating your iPhone.)

Free Trojan Detection Tool for Mac OS X

SecureMac has introduced a free Trojan Detection Tool for Mac OS X.

The DNSChanger Removal Tool detects and removes spyware targeting Mac OS X. Called DNSChanger Trojan and also known as OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan Horse the software attacks users attempting to play a fake video file.

Upon attempting to play the video, the victim receives the following message:
"Quicktime Player is unable to play movie file.

Please click here to download new version of codec."

Upon running the installer, the user's DNS records are modified, redirecting incoming internet traffic through the attacker's servers, where it can be hijacked and injected with malicious websites and pornographic advertisements. The trojan also installs a watchdog process that ensures the victim's DNS records stay modified on a minute-by-minute basis.

SecureMac's DNSChanger Removal Tool allows users to check to see if the trojan has been installed on their computer; if it has, the software helps to identify and remove the offending file. After a system reboot, the users' DNS records will be repaired.

How do I make iPhone themes? SIMPLE i PHONE THEMES


SummerBoard themes are designed to be easy to make -- here's all you need to know to make a theme (or more) of your own:

SummerBoard themes reside on your iPhone in the folder below: /var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/
You have a folder per theme in there, with the following structure: ThemeName/StatusBar.png - Status bar image (optional, 320x20 PNG, alpha)
ThemeName/Wallpaper.png - The wallpaper (320x480 PNG, no alpha)
ThemeName/Dock.png - The dock image for the large dock (320x91 PNG, alpha)

Then your icons (optional, 59x60 PNG, alpha) go in: ThemeName/Icons/

Name them as such:
Phone.png Text.png iPod.png Clock.png etc...

When saving your graphic files be sure to use Adobe Photoshop's "Save for Web & Devices" function (or something similar). This can reduce icon sizes from ~65kb down to ~10kb for example. Optimizing your graphics is very important, It saves server bandwidth, air time for the user and space on the user's iPhone.

Also, take note that SummerBoard has various appearance settings in its Advanced section of SMBPrefs -- you can use them to your advantage -- for example, try out "Solid StatusBar" -- you'll see what I mean. COOL THEMES FOR THE IPHONE


Gaming networks like the XBox network carry subscription fees, but isn't gaming all about having fun.

Log into the Kai gaming network using Amaryllis and find hundreds of gaming buddies, playing all of your favorite console games, for free!

Is it really free?
Yes, gaming using Amaryllis is completely free to you.

What consoles are supported?
Currently, Amaryllis supports the GameCube, the PlayStation 2, the PSP* and the XBox.

Download NowDownload Amaryllis 0.983 and start fragging!

Download SummerBoard Alpha for Firmware 1.1.1

iPhone/iPod Touch 1.1.1 alpha release available!If you've upgraded to firmware 1.1.1, for now you will need to install SummerBoard manually from the link below. Follow the instructions in the included INSTALL file. The file linked below will always be the latest alpha release. This build works on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Download SummerBoard Alpha for Firmware 1.1.1

SummerBoard is available from AppTapp's Installer, simply install AppTapp onto your iPhone (if you haven't yet) and install the SummerBoard package!

If you have a bug or a feature request to report, you can e-mail us

Firmware 1.1.1 - iPhone and iPod Touch jailBreak how to get free wifi for ipod touch

Firmware 1.1.1 - iPhone and iPod Touch
Navigate to http://jailbreakme.com using Safari on your iPhone or iPod touch and read the instructions there.

Credits for this jailbreak go to metasploit, rezn, dinopio, drudge, kroo, pumpkin, davidc, dunham, and NerveGas.
Greetz to the iPhone Dev Team.

Installer.app is a UIKit based package manager for the iPhone. It works by downloading packages over WiFi (wireless networking) or EDGE. It supports installing, updating and uninstalling applications from multiple sources.

Please report bugs & feature suggestions to: iphone at nullriver.com. You may also contact us if you wish to take over maintainance of packages or to contribute packages, we will get back to you as soon as we are ready. Please note that at this time Installer.app is NOT a product of Nullriver Software and is not officially supported.

Older firmware (1.0, 1.0.1, 1.0.2)DO NOT USE THESE INSTALLERS ON FIRMWARE 1.1.1!
Mac OS X Downloads (for firmware 1.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2):
iTunes 7.4 or later: Download v3.1

Windows Downloads (for firmware 1.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2)
All iTunes versions: Download v0.92
Please join #installer.app on irc.undernet.org if you have any problems. Thanks.

A list of some of the packages in the Community Sources can be seen at conceited software and Ste Packaging.

How to make a package - Draft documentation
Please bear with us, we are working on a new site and full documentation.
The format of a sample repository with a few packages.
can be downloaded here
A package consists of a zip file (that retains executable permissions) and a plist file that describes the package and defines the preflight/postflight/install/update/uninstall scripts.

The top portion defines the package description, which is as follows:
plist structure bundleIdentifier (string, required) - The unique bundle identifier of this package, this is how Installer knows what you are talking about. Do not ever change this value once a package goes live, unless you want to fork your package.
name (string, required) - The name of the package as it will appear in the Installer package listings.

version (string, required) - The version of your package. Currently, Installer.app does not parse version numbers, but rather compares them -- meaning that you can only have one version of a product at a time live on the repositories. This shortcoming will be addressed in the near future.

location (string, required) - The location for the associated package zip file. This zip file MUST retain executable permissions if you are going to be installing any executables.

size (string, required) - The exact byte size of the package zip file. This must match or the Installer will not be able to install the package.
url (string, optional) - A url to link the "More info..." button to.
description (string, optional) - A package description or README. At this time Installer can only view a small portion of this text, but this will be addressed soon.

maintainer (string, optional) - The third party maintainer name for this package. You do not need to set this if it is the same as the repository maintainer.

contact (string, optional) - The third party maintainer contact (e-mail) for this package. You do not need to set this if it is the same as the repository maintainer's contact. RestartInstaller (boolean, optional) - set to true if you want installer to prompt the user to restart Installer itself after installing or updating this package. scripts (array, required) - This is where the core installation procedure takes place. It is composed of one or more

Installer scripts: preflight (array, optional) - this script is executed before any installs or updates, but NOT uninstalls. It is typically used to check whether the package can be installed.

install (array, required) - this is the install script, without this, the user won't be able to install the package. Makes sense, doesn't it?
update (array, optional) - this script is executed when the user updates the package, if it is not defined, installer uses the install script (see above) to update instead, effectively overwriting the old package -- this is useful for smaller packages that don't really need a separate update script.
postflight (array, optional) - this script is executed after any install or update of the package, but NOT uninstalls.

uninstall (array, optional) - this script is executed when the user chooses to uninstall the package. Although it is optional, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do define it so that your package can be uninstalled. If it is not defined, the uninstall button will not show up in Installer.
Each of these scripts is an array, containing script commands in the following format:


Argument 1

Argument 2

A command may take any number of arguments, as well as some commands take array arguments that can even contain other scripts embedded in the same format. The commandn name however, is always a string. Please note that in the event that the Installer cannot identify a command name, the script execution will be aborted (notifying the user).

script commands
CopyPath(source, destination) - Copies a path recursively. You can specify a folder or a file, but in either case the destination path must be absolute, do not leave out the filename when copying to a folder! It may work, but it is bad practice to do so and may cause unexpected results in some circumstances. The source path, when specified without a preceding slash (/, absolute path) will resolve to the contents of the zip file -- in the case that a full path is specified, it will resolve against the user's filesystem. FREE WIFI ANY TIME ALL THE TIME

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iPod touch 16GB - Black

Apple Online Store

Logo imac engraving nano accessories shuffle macbook macbook pro mac mini
mac pro airport printer Aperture Adobe Final Cut Studio Apple TV 3PP free nano
refurb iPhone iLife iWork touch classic logic game red gift

iMac 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Slim, all-in-one design

Setting new standards for elegance and simplicity, the all-new, all-in-one iMac packs all its components — from processor to video camera — into an astoundingly thin, anodized aluminum frame.

Intel Core 2 processor
At speeds up to 2.8GHz, the advanced dual-core Intel processors that power every iMac are faster than ever — delivering greater performance for everything from enhancing photos to playing games and more.

iMac 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

iMac 20-inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

iMac Intel Core 2 Duo processor featuring widescreen display, built-in iSight and more.

Dazzling displays
Your photos, movies, and games will come to life in rich, vivid color thanks to the new glossy widescreen display on every iMac.
Share your life’s events with iLife ’08
With new versions of iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand included, you can create a photo book, make a movie, build a blog, compose a song, and much more.

Built-in iSight camera
Have a video chat with friends or family,2 record a video at your desk, or take fun pictures with Photo Booth — everything you need is built right in.

Included Software
Operating System Applications Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard
The world’s most advanced operating system offers hundreds of breakthrough innovations and applications, including:
• Cover Flow • Quick Look • Stacks • Time Machine • Mail • iChat • Safari • Spaces

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard Reviews

Written by MC

January 6, 2008
It's the most awesome of operating systems. It's easier to use, more organized, user friendly and visually appealing.

I really like quicklook because I can view a file without opening it which saves lots of time. The consistent look of all the windows is very nice and spaces is great for multi-tasking. iCal is a lot easier to use and Mail is even better because it sets up the account for you when you only have to put in you address and password. The to do's and notes help me stay more organized which is a great help.

Overall, I think it's great. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't upgraded to it, who's using Windows or is just learning to use a computer. It was so easy to do the upgrade. Just stick the disc in, type your password, restart and follow the simple steps and in no time you'll be running the greatest operating system in the world.
(16 of 20 people found this review useful)

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard

Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard"


Monday, January 7, 2008


Meet with a specialist, ask questions, and get to know iPhone firsthand at an Apple Store. You can even check iPhone availability before you arrive.

Find nearest Apple Retail Store

iPhone is available at over 1,800 ATT locations across the U.S. Which means there's probably one near you.

Find nearest ATT location


Will iPhone work with my PC and Microsoft Windows?Yes. iPhone works with Windows XP Home or Professional (SP2), and Windows Vista. See specifications for more details.

Can I use my iPhone internationally?
iPhone is a quad-band GSM phone and will work around the world. Before you travel, make sure that international dialing and roaming are enabled through AT&T and that the places you’re going offer GSM coverage. Visit AT&T help for more information.

What email systems does iPhone support?
iPhone supports the most popular email standards — IMAP and POP3. Check with your email provider to make sure the provider uses these standards. iPhone works with most popular email services, including Yahoo! Mail, Google Gmail, AOL, and .Mac Mail. Yahoo! Mail supports “push” email and can automatically deliver new email messages to your iPhone.

What kind of security features does iPhone offer?
You can protect access to information on your iPhone with a four-digit password, which is then required whenever iPhone is turned on or wakes from sleep. For secure Internet access, iPhone supports industry-standard Wi-Fi security and virtual private networking (VPN).

How do I charge my new iPhone?

Like an iPod, your iPhone charges using the included USB 2.0 cable connected to your computer or to the included USB Power Adapter.

When does iPhone sync my contacts and calendar?iPhone syncs your contacts and calendar whenever you connect iPhone to your computer.

Can I view regular websites on iPhone or just mobile websites?With the Safari web browser on iPhone, you can surf websites just as you do on your personal computer. You’re not limited to mobile WAP sites.

Can I surf the web on iPhone without a Wi-Fi connection?
Yes. When a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can access the Internet using ATT’s EDGE data network.

How does iPhone send and receive email?
iPhone sends and receives email over Wi-Fi and EDGE wireless networks.

Can I send and receive email from more than one account?
Yes. You can send and receive email from multiple email accounts on your iPhone.

What types of email attachments can I view on iPhone?
iPhone displays most picture attachments (JPEG, GIF, and TIFF) in-line with the text in email messages. iPhone can also view PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel email attachments.

Can I “unlock” iPhone and use it with another wireless carrier?
ATT is the exclusive wireless carrier for iPhone in the United States. If you currently use another wireless carrier, you can choose to transfer your number when you activate your AT&T account.


To use iPhone, you’ll need to sign up for a 2-year service agreement. Plans start at $59.99 and include Visual Voicemail and Unlimited Data — email and web — and 200 SMS text messages (you can add more text messages for a little more a month). You can browse the Internet and send emails as often as you like without being charged extra.

Existing ATT Customers

If you’re an existing ATT (formerly Cingular) wireless customer on a qualifying rate plan, just add an Data Plan for iPhone. (This may replace your current data plan. Some voice plans, including TDMA, may not qualify. Call ATT Customer Service at 1-800-331-0500 or visit an ATT store to see if your plan qualifies.) Data Plans for iPhone give you Visual Voicemail, SMS Text Messaging bundles, and Unlimited Data, which includes both email and web.

Check ATT coverage in your area.
ATT is the exclusive carrier for iPhone in the United States — which means you’ll gain access to the country’s largest digital voice and data network.

Explore ATT coverage map

No Internet access when switching networks wifi fixes for your iPhone

If you are switching between different Wi-Fi networks and you are unable to access the Internet on the iPhone or perform other data activities thru Wi-Fi, try turning Airplane Mode on and then off (tap Settings and turn Airplane Mode on and then turn Airplane Mode off). For iPod touch, turn Wi-Fi off and then back on again (tap Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and then turn Wi-Fi on). If the issue continues, tap Settings > Wi-Fi > Other (under Choose a Network) and then enter the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and select your Security setting and enter your password.

If you are receiving the error message "Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)" on the iPhone or iPod touch try this

Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)" connecting to Wi-Fi
verify your Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and Security setting (WEP password, WEP hex or ASCII, WPA, or WPA2) for the device.

On the Wi-Fi Access Point/Router, you should verify if MAC address filtering is turned ON or OFF on the router, whether the security settings on the router match the iPhone or iPod touch (WEP password, WEP hex or ASCII, WPA, or WPA2), and try disabling (QoS) quality of service if that feature is turned ON for the router.

If you are still receiving the error message "Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)" on the device when attempting to connect or join to your Wi-Fi network after trying the above suggestions, tap Settings > Wi-Fi > Other (under Choose a Network) and then enter the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) and select your Security setting and enter your password.

Weak iPhone Wi-Fi signal Fix

If you are having issues using the Internet, checking email, checking stocks, or other data activity with the iPhone (the possible error message could be "could not connect to server") and the Wi-Fi icon is showing very weak signal, try turning Wi-Fi off on the device so that the iPhone can use EDGE (tap Settings > Wi-Fi and the set Wi-Fi to off).

NerveGas, Pumpkin, Edgan, drudge, dinopio, and asap18's method to jailbreak iPhone

Read the included documentation carefully and thoroughly.


iPhone Unlocking Guide (Hardware)

Filename: iphoneunlock.pdf
Size: 214KB
Downloads: 4,126

steve-jobs.com's PDF guide to unlocking your iPhone for use with any carrier's SIM card. This is based on GeoHot's hardware unlock.



Need to downgrade your iPhone for a 1.1.2 jailbreak or SIM unlock Here is a simple how to

1.Enter DFU mode: power + home for 10 seconds, then home for another 10 seconds. The phone will remain completely back. If not, repeat. iNdependence will also do this step.

2.Select the desired firmware you’re downgrading to; those can be obtained below.

3.In iTunes hold Option/ALT (on a Mac) or Shift (on Windows) and click “Restore.” Select the ipsw you downloaded.

4.At the end of the process you will receive an error; this is normal.

5.Get IPHUC below and issue the following commands:
cmd setenv auto-boot true
cmd saveenv
cmd fsboot

Congratulations — you just downgraded!

source: iphone-elite

How To Reverginize Your i Phone

Hey guys…my iphone has been stucked for 2 weeks now since i updated it , is there any good guys out there who can teach me how to reverginize my iphone? thanks a lot..
Are you just itchin’ to restore your iPhone’s state of innocence? xadnanx, over at hackint0sh, has compiled a word document which details each and every step used to regain your iPhone’s virginity — screenshots included.

Once your phone is a born again virgin, you may update to 1.1.1 and unlock!

Download: Re-virginizer Instructions

Emulate the Gameboy Advance on both iPhone and iTouch

Emulate the Gameboy Advance on both iPhone and iTouch. GBA BIOS (gba_bios.bin) required. Obtain that yourself and copy it under /Applications/gpSPhone.app.


Download ZodTTD's PSX/PSOne emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

ZodTTD's PSX/PSOne emulator for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.


One of the easiest way to add custom ringtones to your iPhone

One of the easiest way to add custom ringtones to your iPhone in OS v1.1.2 is to use popular iPhone Application iPhoneRingToneMaker for Windows.

Efiko Software haS just released iPhoneRingToneMaker 2.0.1 with two new exciting features: Ringtone Shuffling and Volume Boosting.

You can download the trial version of the preview release by following this link, it would cost you $14.95 to unlock the trial version which is a one time fee rather than paying Apple an additional 99c every time you want to add a song as your ringtone.

As always do share your experience with US in the comments once you have played around with it.

Exclusive first look at Windows Mobile 7

We had an exclusive first look at Windows Mobile 7, it's gona be awesome. Taking some user interface cues from the iPhone as well as throwing some truely unique and possibly revolutionary ideas the whole package looks slick, usable, and very much ‘the future’. The OS features a multi-touch interface similar to the Microsoft Surface table, and additionally features gesture based actions allowing a user to shake or rotate the phone to perform on-screen operations.

Windows Mobile 7 looks to be way ahead of the currently released Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1 OS’s. This kind of software revolution may just be the edge Microsoft needs to keep their market share in the mobile space and help give them an edge in the upcoming generation of portable internet and media centric devices.

What’s New

Windows Mobile 7 will dramatically change the way we use mobile devices. It will emphasize the use of touch on the device, as well as motion gestures created by using the device. It is, absolutely, Microsoft’s effort to beat back the iPhone, and the iPhone is referenced several times in the document.

Windows Mobile 7 will use touch gestures, similar to how the iPhone does. You will be able to flick through lists, pan, swipe sideway, draw on the screen. A lot of emphasis has been put on making navigation easier and doing away with scrollbars, including a new scroll handle that allows for multiple ways of finding items extremely fast.

Windows Mobile 7 will use motion gestures, something the iPhone does not. It will not use an intricate and complicated series of gyroscopes and accelerometers. Instead, it will use the camera on the phone to detect motions and create appropriate actions. You will be able to shake, twist and otherwise manipulate the phone and get things done. The phone will be able to perform actions when placed face down on a surface, and it will know when it is in your pocket or bag.
Windows Mobile 7 will have an exciting locking screen, that will allow you to play around with it, draw on it, shake it and completely otherwise mess with it.

Windows Mobile 7 will have dramatically improved visuals, different from the iPhone and much more similar to the dark and futuristic visuals of Windows Vista. It will feature graphical transitions, subtle effects, and other things to make it more interesting to look at. This is not detailed in the document, but featured in the multitude of screenshots.

Windows Mobile 7 is designed to use the finger, not the stylus, though many devices will be required to include a stylus. It is designed to be easy to use with the hand, including one-handed, and to be fun to use and easy to understand. It is designed to be used on devices with no buttons, few buttons, lots of buttons, full keyboards, and devices without touch screens.

Windows Mobile 7 is clearly designed for better media playback, with screenshots indicating a much-improved Media Player and photo gallery application. There is talk in the document of a games mode. Mobile Internet Explorer runs full-screen web pages in a minimalistic interface, and has “tabbed” browsing, except you can switch tabs by shaking the phone.

The keyboard has been improved, but plans for a full touch keyboard, a la the iPhone, have been shelved until a future version of Windows Mobile.


Unlocked phones fail a new course of obstacles for iPhone hackers to maneuver around

Apple has set a new course of obstacles for iPhone hackers to maneuver around… According to Nate True, if your iPhone has never been unlocked and you attempt a downgrade from 1.1.3, you’ll end up with a brick. That is until you upgrade back to 1.1.3 again.

Automatic wireless syncing with the Apple iPhone

Primarily targeted to Linux/BSD users, uSync allows for automatic wireless syncing with the Apple iPhone.

Initiate syncing from the phone
Receive new music/podcast alerts while away from the computer
Fully automatic or manual syncing modes

Requires SVN GTKPod/libgpod and SVN GNUPod (with a couple extra modifications)
For a video demonstration see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PU-6pXmchQ

uSync-0.1 client and server

A simple library that emulates the iPhone main menu

When the buttons are pressed they all move towards the corners of the screen and then forward you on to the next page.


Play or record a game of Go on the iPhone

Concept project which will create a web interface that makes it possible to play or record a game of Go on the iPhone.


phpgo.zip phpgo version .8a by Benjam

Mobile money allows you to manage your financial accounts on your iPhone

Software confirmed to work with MobileMoney:

Quicken 2006 R2
Quicken 2007
Quicken 2007 R2


MobileMoneySync_0.01.tar KB 2784

MobileMoney_0.20.tar Version 0.20

iPhone JailBreaks Download i Phone Hacks

This is the home to a suite of utilities for gaining easy third-party application install capability, or jailbreaking, the iPod touch/iPhone platform.

Currently, a cross-platform Java based utility that jailbreaks via USB connection with the device is available, as well as one that leverages the TIFF exploit to provide jailbreak.

touchfree.zip 1.1.2 Jailbreak Source