Thursday, May 8, 2008


This guide assumes you're running iPhone system software 1.1.1. It details the necessary steps to bypass activation, jailbreak, and install NullRiver's iTunes is not necessary.

At the activation screen, slide to make an emergency call;
Dial *#301# — the phone will call itself;

Answer and immediately tap "Hold";

The phone will call itself again, hit "Decline";

At the keypad, go to Contacts, add a new contact;

Hit "Add new URL" and enter "prefs:" (without the quotes);

Add another new URL, enter "";

Save the contact and go to the first URL by tapping it;

This opens the iPhone Settings, add an accessible Wi-Fi network;

Also recommended: set General -> Auto-Lock -> Never;

Press the Home button and slide for emergency call;

Dial 0, answer, do steps 3 and 4 (Hold, then Decline);

Browse to that contact you created and select the second URL,;

Read, then install AppSnapp Installer;

Wait... The phone should restart within 2 minutes.
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