Sunday, June 1, 2008


There are quite a few iPhone softwares which give users access to the iPhone's file system. There are iphone software solutions such as SSH server and WinSCP for the technically inclined but available for free or Megaphone for Mac users and TouchCopy for Windows users which have good user interface but are available for a one-time-fee.

Here's some great news for all you Windows users, as they now use a software called iPhoneBrowser which not only has a good user interface but is also available for free.

What is iPhoneBrowser? It is a Windows based GUI for manipulating files on the iPhone using the Manzana.dll. You can browse through the files on your iPhone, drag and drop stuff onto it just like Explorer, and copy your MP3s and movies back to your hard drive.

The iPhone software also has a auto preview functionality. So if the file you selected is a text-based file, the text of the file will automatically be shown in the lower right preview area.

The iPhoneBrowser software also offers a backup system for keeping your iPhone files safe and the developer hopes to implement the restore functionality soon.

Based on the screenshots, iPhoneBrowser UI seems quite simple and easy to use.

I believe the iPhoneBrowser is a cool software for your iPhone (including jailbroken iPhones) though the developer rightly points out that you won't get very far with it, thanks to "a small area of folders called a sandbox to work with".

You can download iPhoneBrowser from this link.