Monday, March 16, 2009

What is Jailbreak Simple Fast One Click Jailbreak

Jailbreak changes the security permission of the I phone which allows you to run arbitrarily defined code or applications.In other words the security permissions has been stripped. Heres an Easy Jailbreak for the IPhone.

For QuickPWN to begin you will need to plug your iPhone to your computer using USB/

The next step you will need to browse for Firmware 2.2

At minimum choose Cydia. No harm choosing the other options

The next screen is just confirming that your iPhone is connected still.

The next steps you will need to follow it religiously or Jailbreak will fail.
Wait for your iPhone to connect in Recovery mode…
Hold the Home button down for 5 seconds…
Hold down the Home and Power buttons down together for 10 seconds…(don’t let go of Home)
Release the Power button and continue to hold Home for 30 seconds…
Wait for your iPhone is prepared for jailbreaking

Confirmation that Jailbreak was successful